Cloudy Certainty

afflicted retinas; mental prisoners,


summer shivers, fall-heat sweats;.


HAZMAT frigid; hell's winter;


spring is quixotic,


befallen dividence,




diurnal incompetence.


life is like a circle;




then it hurts you.


soothe the glowing wounds;


do you conquer pain or overcome it?




we yearn,



what we need not,


lows are highs,


spaceships; shot down in the sky,


master self or be controlled by what may consequently be beyond this,


what is life.?






  • orchidee

    A nice write in the shape of a fountain, River. Oh woe, sometimes me only cloudy certainty is that I'm in Cloud Cuckoo Land - so I say! lol.

    • RiverJordan

      Haha if your cuckoo, I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs, thanks for the check Orch, ✔

      • orchidee

        Is this Cloud Cuckoo Land? Everyone walking about standing on their head, as you are?! lol.

      • RiverJordan

        I guess I'm the only one standing on my head, everybody seems to be on their two feet.

        • orchidee

          Erm, I was gonna try a bit of Yoga stuff, involving inversion, being upside down. But I thought - I got enough to do, enough matters in life, while being the right way up, let alone standing on me head!' lol

        • myself and me

          "life is like a circle", yet each round is different.

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