the soft aspects of nature

peace is natures softest aspects calmly circling within me
the tender breeze in spring whispering words of cotton wool 
marshmallow like clouds, weightless as a feather 

where is the stone like heaviness , when peaceful doves smile from within? 
where are the rain clouds and the claps of thunder , when nothing exists but the sun ?

this is peace , natures softest elements circling within my sensitive skin 

leaves fall 
birds fly
the sun smiles 
and winter is a far distance away 
snow is upon the hilltops , and thunder shouts over there , somewhere 
but I am still and serene 
grateful for the nice aspects of nature inside of me 

I am not the cold , the wind or a loud crack in the sky
i am simply peace 


  • Goldfinch60

    May that peace be forever with you as in the words of your poem.

    • yellowrose

      Thank you goldfinch 🙂

    • orchidee

      A fine write Rose.

      • yellowrose

        Thanks orchidee

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Really this is my kind of poem. I will read it often, mainly outside in the beautiful countryside where I live. I will read it to my horses when I need to calm them. I think people will read it in a hundred years time, just as they do Kipling today.

        Thank you for this window into tranquility Charlotte, may I grab it as a fave poem please?

        Kind regards, Alan

      • FineB

        Hello Yellow Rose,

        A beautiful write with very vivid imagery of nature's incredible beauty.

        Peace and especially inner peace thats what we individuals aspire and aim for in our lives.

        Keep writing FineB

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