Poetic Dan

Bum lie (repost)

They say you need to be a part of it to make changes
Although they seem to make better ways to maintain it


Anyone who knows or reads my words, understand I love all that I have


It all slowly came as a gift so I treasure every moment with it, 
But if that day ever comes and they take me away


Stand me up and ask for my honest reply, for the reasons that I have refused to comply!


Even now my stomach twists around inside, as my ancestors mixed with poets rise.


Because your whole damn system is broken and a lie, peace doesn't need Force to comply.


We all know it and looking for more to show it
I am not sitting on gold, my wealth is given back


To other tired souls, on this, single lie line!

On a runaway track

Looking for a way out of the past

Knowing truth is not what they ask

But we all want it deep down in our hearts


Many reasons I wish to repost this message with extra energy

Not only did a video spark this emotion but more of what I see

People still thinking that the system was not built for enslavement

That without police we would all lose our self control

Going back down memory lane to keep up the blame

You will not catch me in your noose of manipulation

If all souls truly gave their blood for my freedom of speech

Then it will always be used to say what I really feel

No election will ever stop a war or feed the poor

These are still just creations to keep our mind occupied

I am just one man that got flushed through the system

Knowing that really not one of us knows what we are doing

Be it the planets or the Gods all theses thoughts are just that

Nothing without our energy and actions to manifest it


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    Go for it Dan; I'm with ya!


  • Unsub

    what a great interview. I thought I'd get bored but I've watched every damn minute of it!

    Thanks for sharing that,


    • Poetic Dan

      Now I think if it there was a better one that I watched a few months back! He interviewed Gabor Mate (forgive the spelling) but it's well worth a watch I'll post it with my next one to. Guy is a true legend!


      It's my night feeding talk radio ;)

      • Unsub

        What's odd is I'm three quarters through my Booky Wook 2. Read it before but always good for a re-read.

        Look forward to that posting. He's on Talk Radio?


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