kevin browne

Under My Pillow.

Hide all my secrets under my pillow
And the crying dies inside my heart
As wind and rain breaks my window
Until a pain erases the broken parts.

Sacred religious moments appeared
When a tear spelt out upon my name
The torment of torture had me in fear
And to notice loneliness for my blame.

Bleak as wintry snow the Sun hides
With a melting of honesty of my own
And sentimental traumas full of pride
Where frequently I visit mothers home.

Saddled upon a pictured frame I saw
Frost through a broken windowpane
And in my heart, I knocked on a door
To a resounding shut again and again.

And I've lived with love full of devotion
Throughout this lonely lane of desire
When some flood gates open emotion
Sacramental madness called me a liar

Upon that cross where death cursed
A loving man who taught this Earth
Where to sit down and just pretend
Till death do us part right to the end.

With that pain persisting in my heart
Will live alongside till death do depart
And I hide my secrets under my pillow
As often the same came weeping willow.

Shake off existence to a degree of life
Where on the broken blade of a knife
As blood trickles down that lover's lane
The leaves in the field filled with blame.

Silence I thought of as a river flowing
Aghast the meander within it knowing
Cold runs through my veins at pleasure
Where I lived beside a hidden treasure.

Now that summer Sun shone brightly
I lay under my pillow thinking politely
About how to scorn from high above
Screaming in silence for my lost love.

Now that I can see a twinkle in my eye
Those butterflies flying all over the place
And I've told you a million times don't cry
Beauty beside me will refill your lost faith.

And although to complain is a dear threat
Where under my pillow I used to get wet
From those tears that you cried over hurt
When life tripped over and fell in the dirt.

Now that the Sunshine is everywhere I go
With dreams under my pillow as you know
That in this life and the things we achieve
I'll beggar to drift off somewhere to believe.

Now that I'm sat underneath my willow tree
Leaves on the lawn and daffodils beside me
And whose choice is mine to do as I please
Another day passes underneath a willow tree.

Now my secrets under my pillow are gone
Sorrow fades away into everything wrong
Whisper me gently and whisper me clear
That loving the enchanted heart in my fear.

In which where once roamed a lonely man
Blossom away the blues to do what he can
In definitions of all those lost broken hearts
To fulfil the dreams until death does depart.

Now that my pillow has flown away up high
I sleep to wonder what happened and why
But, way up high above the clouds of love
I whisper gently as a flock of doves fly by.

Now I can say that those birds flew on
And Hallelujah started singing its song
And now that life has, at last, loved me
I still remain to sit under my willow tree.


  • FineB

    Hello Kevin,

    Now that was a beautiful write.

    Powerful, poignant and brilliant.

    Keep writing FineB

    • kevin browne

      Ah, the same as your comment then, dear FineB. Glad you enjoyed the read...!!

    • SabreLi

      What an epic piece this is, brilliant flow and use of language! I love the humble ending after the entire journey, a great balance between the darkness and light. 🙂

      • kevin browne

        And you make me feel humbled with your wonderful comment. You captured exactly what this poem is about. Thank you, indeed...

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