Alan .S. Jeeves

My Own Thanksgiving

Some people give thanks for potatoes

They eat them day upon day;

They grow them and buy them,

They skin them and fry them,

They, being a potato gourmet.


Some people give thanks for ripe apples

As red as a morning sunrise;

They bake them and stew them,

Or bite them and chew them,

They even put them into pies.


Some people give thanks for the chickens

Cackling and clucking about;

A food store on legs,

Producing fine eggs,

Worth every penny shelled out.


Some people give thanks for their friendship

To know a good friend is sublime;

Deference to make,

To give and to take,

Someone to respect all the time.


But I give thanks for my eyesight.

For my heart, I also revere;

You're one to look up to,

I see you and love you,

So I offer my thanks that you're here.







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