Some people give thanks for potatoes

They eat them day upon day;

They grow them and buy them,

They skin them and fry them,

They, being a potato gourmet.


Some people give thanks for ripe apples

As red as a morning sunrise;

They bake them and stew them,

Or bite them and chew them,

They even put them into pies.


Some people give thanks for the chickens

Cackling and clucking about;

A food store on legs,

Producing fine eggs,

Worth every penny shelled out.


Some people give thanks for their friendship

To know a good friend is sublime;

Deference to make,

To give and to take,

Someone to respect all the time.


But I give thanks for my eyesight.

For my heart, I also revere;

You're one to look up to,

I see you and love you,

So I offer my thanks that you're here.








  • orchidee

    A fine write Alan. And the humble spud too. Do you know Mr Potato Head in EastEnders? Which character is it?! lol.


      Hello Steve, glad you called. Can't help you with EastEnders though, haven't watched it since Charlie Chaplin left. Is that the right show?

      Kind regards, Alan

      • orchidee

        Yep, probably the right show. I've not seen it since about 1990. Phil Mitchell is still in it = Mr Potato Head!

      • Goldfinch60

        Superb write Alan.


        • ALAN .S. JEEVES

          Hello and thank you Andy. Thanks also for your 'good fun' comments ~ always cheer me up.

          Ex animo, Alan

        • Fay Slimm

          Brilliant verse. A wonderful first read of my day dear friend - - this one must go into my faves and thanks for sharing it.

          • ALAN .S. JEEVES

            Have a pleasant Thanksgiving Day Fay. Good of you, as always, to send your kind words. I am 'thankful' to you for that. We have a lot to be thankful for when we look around.

            Ex animo, Alan

          • SabreLi

            Brilliant work Alan, it's so important to remember those gifts that we have and that many take for granted on a daily basis. They are often of the most important things in our lives :)

            • ALAN .S. JEEVES

              Hi SabreLi. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Good to see someone from the UK reading 'thanksgiving' stuff. Hope it made you smile too.

              Kind regards, Alan

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