My self loathing envelopes my soul
Destroying my psyche as a whole
When my memories take hold
My downbringing destroys me as a whole

My thoughts destroy my mind
But everyone seems so kind
Behind my back the truth outlined
My kindness to be out shined

Within my hearts pain takes hold
The outside seems so cold
But reality takes hold
But my memory makes the mold

Time heals all things
But negative thoughts is all it brings
Unto oblivion my life stings
Visualizing all the fragile strings

Indecisive mindset takes hold
Peace of mind all but sold
Just be happy, or so I’m told
A midst a shrine I can’t uphold

The spines of pain rip me unto
The torment no one can undo
If only the pain would subdue
The torturous adfectus that ensues

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