Reflections come many a kind, yours one way different come mine.

Now when I look in the mirror my image couldn't be clearer but is who I see the true me?

Because we all are like a two edged sword and the mirror image we see is also us backwards

So do our image string us along along, making us head strong while all the time we see ourselves wrong?

You see her name was Affection such a lovely complexion, behold and get an erection but she was very good at rejection only collecting hearts for her collection.

She was the main dish, elegant, swish but she has a blemish and it was hidden in her mirror image. Until one day her bubble burst, felt she was under a curse so for knowledge she started to thirst and found her reflection was her in reverse.

Then her problem she did address and she did it with zest, her true self became manifest, she went from stressed to blessed.

So if you're experiencing rejection, people treating you like you have an infection and you can't seem to make a good connection it could be misdirection.

if you look in the mirror, think I'm to hip, I'm all that and a bag of chips it may be time to flip the scrip. Then if you feeling rejection can't seem to make a connection, What Is Your True Reflection.

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  • Published: November 28th, 2019 16:01
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