Joker Wood

An Unused Side – Discarded Memories

A Walk Down Memory Lane
Though Not Just A Walk...


Visions change
to how it was in the past;
The best of times,
Memorable, Treasurable, Unparalleled Lines.


Voices echoing
to the present self,
Laughter, Cries, Chatters, Shouts, and Screams
As though this is no longer the present...but Pastly Streams.


Bodies Change
Ashes to Bricks...Molds to A Great Stronghold;
What was known as dirt...seems Gold...worth to Uphold.


A Walk Down Memory Lane,
A Disc That Plays In The Mind.


When Asleep,
Memories coming to the surface
Showing the treasures of the forgotten place.


When Awake,
Memories go back into the brain,
So new treasure will be gained.


When Speaking,
Memories are being birthed;
With possibilities to be of great worth.


A Walk Down Memory Lane
Though Not Just A Walk;
A Disc That Plays In The Mind,
It is unknown what one would Find.


Glorious Days Ahead,
Golden Age Is Coming;
Silvery Past,
Collectively...The Mind Is So Vast.


Walking Creations...Jive.




  • Alan .S. Jeeves

    I think this is you at your best (up until now) Joker. I enjoyed my morning read.

    Thanks also for faving my 'Thanksgiving' poem.

    Kind regards, Alan

    • Joker Wood

      Thanks a lot...although the word 'best' is never a part of my reasons to make poems.

      -- They are as they they are needed to be. --

      It may not make much sense, but that is how I would describe them.

      Much Blessings,

    • SabreLi

      I love the story you tell here, you take us on the journey with you and we can all take a piece away from this read.

      Great work 🙂

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