Final Breath

My body is so numb
Memories are bleak
The pains still come
My mind is weak

I stand on this ledge
Memories full of regret
Looking down at the edge
Not much closer I can get

The demise of happiness
My own choices in which I omit
I myself decided my loneliness
To my parting do I commit

The degrading emotions grab hold
To this vile creation self made
My blood now runs cold
Now the light turns to shade

Blood that once boiled
Has destroyed the flame
All which has toiled
Has now reduced to shame

The last breath of one
Gives life to another
For all I have done
Will amount but to a feather

Life is worthless in the eyes of defeat
My heart's final chase
To fall and die to my deceit
Nothing left for me to embrace


  • SabreLi

    I'm always intrigued by other people's ideas of what the last breath is like, and your interpretation and writing seems to mirror my own angle on the topic. An interesting, though tragic premise, hopefully if you are in a dark place you find your way out through your writing.

    Good work.

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