A Different Kind of Love


I love you

I love you without a label that they all try to bind us with for their own satisfaction

I love you with a comfort minus the attraction

The circumstance is different from a sexual appeal


I know what I’m feeling

I know that it’s real

There are days I want to climb to the top of your shoulders and hide from it all

Days I’d sit and watch the snow fall

When I’m sad I want to crawl into your arms

It’s a love that feels safe, but not a love that ends in a broken heart


It’s a love that cuddles on the couch

Or stares up at the stars

But not a love that tears us apart

A kind of love that jams out to One Direction in a beat up car

But no strings attach our hearts

Nights that don’t end in stolen kisses

But in bonded friendship and finished sentences


When I’m with you, I feel like a child with a cape

I feel like a puppy with a birthday cake

You make me happy

You get me for me

You give and you take


I know you’ll help me through the heart ache

This kind of bond is sealed with pinky promises

And a no-no list

This kind of love is not romantic

But it is deep and has a twist


One that features pillow fights

And secret super powers

One that talks for hours and hours

I finally got the friendship I’d been yearning for


The intelligent conversations

The normal arguing, but not keeping score

I finally found my person

I finally found the key

I love you

But the right type of love

The way it’s supposed to be

  • Author: E. Evergreen (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 30th, 2019 01:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is the kind of love that’s tied together with a homemade friendship bracelet. It’s stronger than you’d think it is.
  • Category: Love
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  • FineB

    Hello Evergreen,

    This is a beautiful poem on the kind of love we should all aspire to find.

    Excellent write on the beauty of true love.

    Keep writing FineB

    • Evergreen

      Thank you!

    • germanamericanchurch

      Really like the style of your romantic poetry it isn’t generic in anyway- the examples feel personal 🙂

      • Evergreen

        Thanks I’m glad you like it. I hold this person close to my heart.

      • scarlet poet

        Thank you for sharing this important perspective on real love. It really brings out the good in me

        • Evergreen

          You are most welcome

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