Dead Weight

Sometimes I am heavy
And my feet drag
Forever forwards
Sinking in the sea

Yesterday I was shipwrecked
And my stabbed exterior
Burst with bloods
Descending to its deep demise


When I was born, I was heavy
And my tears tore
Torrents out of torment
Nourishing nothing

Today I am a restless sway
And my statue seeks
Impossible implosion
Scattered soul to stardust

Tomorrow I’ll be light


  • Laura


    My first read of the day.
    Relatable to my state of mind at the present time.

    Uncannily, you’ve have zeroed in, with your first two stanzas, on how I feel today!

    “Today I am a restless away”...
    “Tomorrow I’ll be light”

    Thank you for sharing.


    • sylviasearcher

      I hope you do feel lighter tomorrow, that heavy feeling sunk me this morning, but by the end of writing it was as though I was ready to be lighter

      • Laura

        I’m not there yet.
        I’ve been writing most of the morning...mostly gibberish...
        but, this heaviness of mine is as heavy as yesterday’s.

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