Meet Me Before Christmas

As snow begins to fall,
I must say,
for you to meet me before Christmas,
before it is to late,
and you cannot,
meet me at all.
You know where I live -
at the cabin by the lake.
I am waiting for you.
Your small present,
lays alone,
under the Christmas tree.
Every day,
since the beginning of the month,
I have been watching,
through my front window,
hoping to see you,
soon walk up to the door.
The lake by the cabin,
is frozen solid now.
Hurry and come to me.
Come before,
the snow turns to a blizzard,
as because,
the cabin is not,
easily accessible,
due to it's landscape.
As Christmas eve approaches,
I nervously, yet boldly,
once again,
look out of my front window.
I see somewhat,
of a shadowy figure.
It appears to become,
bigger and bigger.
I can't quite make it out,
because of the thickness,
of the blizzard.
As the figure nears,
it becomes more clear.
It is her!
Ah, my love,
she is finally here.
I meet her before,
she even knocks on the door.
I hug her,
kiss her,
and take her inside.
we are together once more.

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