The sickly sweet taste of victory was short-lived

As the bitter tang of blood, gore & bile frothed upon my serpent tongue

Bodies, broken, split & torn lay scattered around me in earth sodden in crimson & grey

The screams of battle had long dissipated

Giving way to the moaning & crying of wounded men soon to die

The blood of maybe forty men covered my blade from hilt to tip

I wiped clean my trusty sword against my black fatigues

The dead & wounded at my feet were clad in chainmail & gauntlets of steel

I stood victorious in hardened leather & cloth, having chosen dexterity over metal

The hour was late but the descending sun refused to leave the field

Bathing the battleground in vivid yellows & orange

Had I really won, or was this the beginning of haunted sleep & nightmares for eternity?

Would the faces of the fallen forever taunt my soul with their blank faces & lifeless eyes?

Today I had been quicker, less scared & more deceitful than my foes

Battle worn, seasoned fighters, wasted in less than an hour

None had expected the enemy to come from within their ranks

Their trust had been their downfall

I smirked at my deception, courage, skill & disguise

Their enemy was in plain sight, in front of their very eyes

I stood victorious, again smirking

My cunning, bravery, misdirection & guile had seen me through

The Kings’ Elite, ruined by one blade & only ten leagues from home

The battle is over, but the war is far from won

This fight was good against evil

After the atrocities from both sides, I can no longer remember who was good & who was evil

It would seem all good has been banished from this world

Evil has prevailed…

…& I have nightmares to battle with now


© 2019 Unsub




  • orchidee

    A fine write Unsub. I never knew it could have been about me, on one of my bad-hair days! heehee.

    • Unsub

      Well it was more about you & your choir singing when I was trying to sleep. You'll know better next time! No Fido was injured in the making of this poem but he did run off!


      • orchidee

        From my singing there can be no escape...… heehee. Wasn't there a line in a film somewhere - the 'no escape bit' I mean, not 'my singing' bit?!

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        You should always write the last quarter first Dan. Saves you the trouble later on!

        Ex animo, Alan

        • Unsub


          that's good advice & I did write a gripping ending before writing the rest; hold tight for the ending:

          The End.



        • Laura


          Yes, indeed!

          The word of the day...


          to say the least!


          • Unsub


            I get you!


          • Poetic Dan

            It's been a long draining day so it was hard for me to not let my mind wonder off, at one point I heard that part of my youth that knew no one could mess with the reality I was making up, even if it was false.

            Very gripping on a touch of my life story and many others I have seen.

            Thanks for sharing

            • Unsub


              appreciate the read & comment my friend,


            • Bragee

              Poetry or not i was extremely intrigued by this writing. I hope to ollow up with the novel once its complete.

              • Unsub


                I'll keep you posted,



              • Goldfinch60

                Wow Unsub. I look forward to reading the whole novel. There is no way that you should take this off the site.


                • Unsub


                  I will ensure you get a copy.

                  Thanks as always,


                • orchidee

                  Nope, nothing offensive. It's still poetry of a sort.
                  What is offensive is free advertising that appears occasionally, by a so-called new poet. Have you seen it? No one reads it anyway!

                  • Unsub


                    yes where is Foreverjesus6; I miss him & his blantant advertising of Jesus t-shirts & socks.

                    it's not a new member; they all have multiple accounts.


                  • sylviasearcher

                    Tremendous my friend.
                    Full of intrigue and written with the voice of a story teller.

                    I’m not sure why but I felt I was in middle earth, or at least in medieval times.

                    But thinking where are we, when are we, that just added to the intrigue.

                    Would love to read more

                    • Unsub


                      middle earth - perfect!

                      More will follow.


                    • Laura


                      I concur with Sylvia.
                      I, too, would love to read more!


                      • Unsub


                        I'll invite you all the book signing event & obviously invite you all to the Red carpet premiere of the movie,


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