Alan .S. Jeeves

A Winter's Trill


Sing me a song to help me along,

Pay me a visit on this chilly day;

Warble your words profoundly and strong

I will listen intently to all that you say.


Play me a tune, just before noon,

Whistle a melody heartfelt and sweet;

Make yourself heard, quaver and croon,

Sing your cantata entire and complete.


Call to your mate o'er there by the gate,

Carry your voice through the crisp brumal frost;

Perform your duet afore it's too late....

Before the daylight is forfeit and lost.


Chirp a refrain and thrill me again

In a way only robins can tranquilly do;

Hop from your branch and dance in the rain

Trill me a winterly chorus or two.


Sing your song bright as you take off in flight,

Allow, now, your voice fill the cool dusky skies;

Flit away home as the day turns to night

But come back again, next day, at sun rise.






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