Smokey vagina



She had a Smokey v jay jay,

Aged with smoke,

Curling towards the ceiling,

Low temperature preservation,

Winkles of combustibles

Liquid smoke,

BBQ Saturday’s,

Alder flavored,

And delightful,

Smoke preserves almost anything 


  • Bragee

    enjoyed this art

  • A

    It is definitely intresting, but honestly, I like it allot. Its weird and unique in a speak your mind, give 0 shits kinda way. Your honest about an enjoyment, and expressive about a passion. I respect it my dude~
    keep writing.

  • germanamericanchurch

    Got the idea from a lady that was smoking after having 1/4 lung removed

  • germanamericanchurch

    Holy moly that’s a Smokey story

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