Fucking Mondays

there is a hole.

on my sheet.

why do i get the ripped page?

hell. why cant you get the ripped page.

i never asked

for my sheet

to have a hole.



wouldn't it be great,

if i brought my eye

real close,

looked inside,

and saw


another fucking hole.


  • Leaaa

    I love the aggressive humor in this short story. It reminds me of the saying "It's always gotta be something" life is going to tear an infinite amount of holes, just have to learn to not give a shit.

    • A

      Thanks allot, and youre right lol, that really does fit. Im glad you liked it~

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

      A sublime poem and you express your muse in a swell way. Kudos.

      Pls pleez do review/ comment my newest poem too.

    • Poetic Dan

      I did and fell in but no worries! I was just in time for tea!

      Great stuff

    • orchidee

      Erm, yes. TMI (Too Much Information) to explain all the meaning! Ooh.

    • Unsub

      I absolutely love this. I want to co write with you!


      • A

        I'd love to! coincidentally, I've actually been trying to find someone to co write with for a while now. Lol i even wrote a literal poem on wanting to co-write, "Hi. Im Lonely."
        I could add you, and we could go from there if you'd like my dude~


        • Unsub

          I have already sent you a friend request. Read some of my work & I’ll read yours so we know our styles & then we can collaborate.

          There used to be a lot of people co writing here but that died off for some unknown reason. Although I do know one reason & that was a particular poet being a little forceful. Wanting complete control of the co write. He probably helped towards the decline. He is still here so be wary of who you collaborate with. I used to collaborate a lot with a member called Santita she was amazing to co write with. If she pops back in I’ll let her know about you.


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