aunty Amy loves coke

here we go again

thanksgiving has passed 

and just when you think the left overs wont last

christmas jumps in abrubtly 

these days were fun as a child

dress up and play while grandma gets her hair styled


wait for your favorite cousin to show up

sipping your apple cider in a fancy cup

fool around and ask mom if the foods done a million times


The times where moms bulk cooking would never fail

were the times uncle joe was in jail

The times when you pretended to fly on the broom

were the times aunt marty was in the hospital room

the silly times aunty rose loved your nose to poke

but you never knew the reason she was so hyper was the coke

but mom knew when she said she loved us it was truth she spoke


i loved when aunty amy came over and told me how she got her bruises

she said she fell down alot but i heard mom say her boyfriend is mean when he loses

see because the corruption and drugs are there but so is love

but it's a little twisted 




  • A

    I know I post allot of comments, but they arent empty, i most definitly mean them. Im saying that because I want you to understand how much I love your poem. Its real. Its there. That whole idea of being so ignorant when we were small, and the awful things happening behind the curtain.
    i mean your right though.
    it is twisted.
    i love your poem, keep up that raw coffee grind emotion of a style.

    • Leaaa

      thanks so much! I appreciate your effort in letting me know your words come from the heart.

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