Tell Them To Shut Up

To be a leader,

one must lead.

Yes, as a leader,

we must take into,


the ideas of who we are leading.


every leader,

should stand firm,

in the decisions,

that they make.

They must remember,

that they are the leader.

The people need,

someone to lead them.

They need someone to follow.

A leader must realize,

that the people,

do not always know,

what is best for them.

We cannot always,

give them what they want.

Yes, that will mean,

that you will not always be liked.

Such is the life,

as a true leader.

Still, when the people,

become upset,

and express their frustration -

sometimes, as the leader,

we must remember,

the power that we do have,

and must tell them,

to just, 'shut up,

and stop crying for everything'.

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