Mottakeenur Rehman



What brings tree..What brings ??

On either side of the way of life 

Blossoms many flowers of queen.

Keeping aside the weariness,tired..too tired

Trekkers wish to have some amenities in the shadow of trees.


From heart to hearts and soul to the souls

Blows and flows the redolent streams of infinite love!

Why do such nomadic emotions do wash away in that way

the empty feelings of human heart?

The turbulence of my mind too

Quite calm down to the touch of breezy fair.


For whom the flushing scarlet scarfs

The spring season and sings the songs of youth reason.

For whom the leaves of trees turn into the green season

Or a thousand of painty paintings glow into the round of bound eyes.


For you and me trees are held in high esteem,

Self contained with its food providing quality and quantity.

Trees are the great theory of great science,

Melted by the free spirit of the creator's creations.


On each breath,through the process of inhale and exhale trace,

We come to an unseen amiable settlement with the trees .

To both,it's so good that

I seem to have lived a successful long life with a touch of trees!



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