Tia Davis/テイア

Why Can't You Love Me The Same

When I was younger people said I looked just like you
I loved your voice
your laugh
your hugs
your words
Your touch
I loved you
But you love something else more...
You loved the girls with a bottle in each hand
you loved to sleep around knowing people around you cared
you told me with no shame you're doing all these sins every day
you turned to a bottle before you would ever call my name

It was calling your name I was too but you didn't do a thing
you held that bottle tight
and cared for it religiously
why couldn't you love me the same
you bought drinks every night 
starting a fight with me because you felt it was right
you yelled at me like if you were in the right
you called me out of my name which use to dim my light
you slam the door loudly trying to put me in fright
and left me because you felt the time was right
for a bottle of whiskey just a little bit of vodka
your go-to wasn't me
to you, I was just history
why can't you love me the same
as the empty bottles, you maintained to replace everyday
I wasn't worth to you a thing
Not even more than a shot glass of Hennessy 
Why don't you love me


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