my love

The world doesn't seem fair
but then in the darkest moments comes you
you are the light to a world with no sun
the laugh to a day with no fun
a smile that can melt your frustrations away
the kind of high one craves
you are the beginning middle and end
for you i will forever defend
the kind of girl some only dream of
against all, you are above
an angel i have found
no need for gravity, no need to touch ground
against all odds there you stand
i am your number one fan
tears down your cheek don't belong
any sadness you feel is wrong
you should be given the world in your hands
that's my plan
for you i will go through a thousand breakouts
go through a thousand routes
just to get to your side
i will learn how to fly
i need your laugh, your smile, your being
with you i can start clearly seeing
all the stars in the galaxy does not compare
the beauty i see in you cannot be shared
you are all i see
you are all i need
a heart of gold
your book i cant close
infinity pages
no chains no cages
a world with color and shine
only you hold this world
others cant find
look into your eyes the shimmer it glows
the words from your lips flow
my ears are yours, as is my mind
because as long as i see your light
i am fine



    ANGELA HERE - GOOD EVENING STARR ! Thanks for a very well penned Poem - replete with Rhyme & Rhythm ! We all need a Special Friend ! Someone who always brings Light - Laughter & a Smile into our day-by-day existance ! Such people are Earth Angels who lift us up - when we are down and restore our self-esteem & self-respect ! Someone we can FLY with ! Someone who makes us see clearly. Such a Friend has a Heart of Gold and No Barriers ! Their light restores our MIND - AMEN ! Thanks for caring & sharing !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก

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