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I came to make my peace

& set foot upon his sands

Under the banner of trust

He deceived with blood on his hands


I came to give him a chance

& knocked upon his gate

The alliance was short lived

His arrogance was his final mistake


Discriminate, eliminate, annihilate

Intimidate, exterminate, eradicate




Intimidate, exterminate, eradicate

Discriminate, eliminate, annihilate




I came with rage in my soul

Upon his sands we poured

Under the banner of hate

I spilled his blood upon my sword


I came to right the wrong

& brought his kingdom down

His rule had been short lived

& now I wear his bloodied crown


© 2019 Unsub


  • Alan .S. Jeeves

    Top dollar stuff Dan. Yer dun well.

    Ex animo, Alan

    • Unsub


      I did write a few short chess poems which if I can find I'll post next. It's my favourite game of all time.

      I use a black set at home. All the pieces are black from both sides but one set has a grey rim around the base of the pieces to identify the two sides.

      I was school chess captain many years ago. I do believe i use the game of chess strategies in my life. I certainly watch the world around me, mostly politics & see chess moves in their actions.

      Sacrificing a piece in order to make way for something hidden to be revealed.

      Appreciate the comment my derar friend,


      ps. I must pm you with my Owl story I promised you. I might simply add it on this page so everyone interested can read it; it's my page afterall.

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Thanks for reply Dan, goodstufff! I like a game of chess too but aren't much good at it. You sound to have a nice set of men though ~ I didn't realise that you were colour blind! I think I am the only person ever to be sent off by the ref. at chess!
        A good philosophy though, relate things to a chess game.

        Ex animo, Alan

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        BRIAN HERE ~ GOOD EVENING UNSUB ~ Love the Title ~ Visual and elegant structure of this Poem. Four balanced Quatrains with a consistent Rhyme Pattern (xaxa etc). The two central verses in BOLD use repetition and complement the Title !
        We all face similar situations in Life when our Olive Branch is arogantly spurned. Our rage spills over and the WRONG is RIGHTED ! However at great cost to our Adversary ~ and the CROWN we wear is oft sullied by our experience !
        Angela & I are keen Chess Players and the games we play seldom end with STALEMATE ~ but with the inevitable defeat of one of the KINGS ~ this is reflected in Real Life Situations ! I dont know if youve ever been to a YOKO ONO Exhibition ? A lot of her paintings etc are WHITE ~ Give Peace a Chance ! On of her dynamic exhibits is and ALL WHITE CHESS SET ! Both opposing sets are Identical. It is an illustration of PACIFISM ! Think about it ! You can start a game but never finish ~ so every game finishes in STALEMATE. Real life is not like that ! Thnaks for sharing !

        Peace & Joy & Love
        Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

        • Unsub


          appreciate the lengthy comment.

          The title was a bit of fun with the character map button. I should use it more.

          In October I went to the Yoko exhibition in Bristol. No chess set this time. Can't say I've heard of the white chess set but it would fit perfectly well with her visions for the world.

          The central bold section as you probably know from my style is a chorus section. I tend to write my lyrics with strict syllable counts as they are written to be performed to a fast bpm & leaves little room for vocal adjustment at speed.

          This is a fantasy piece based around the chess game. It has some minor true experiences in it but it's too tight for readers to catch those as they are too specific to me. Not sure if her idea is that all games end in stalemate; sure she has a wider view that any experience should be to enlighten all players & then the game is no longer a game or battle but just a mingling of minds ultimately resulting in love.

          Obviously Fool's Mate could be completed without the complexity of both sides being the same colour. She didn't think of that!! LOL!



        • Laura


          No need to analyze this powerful write. Great stuff indeed, as Alan noted!
          That last stanza is a WOW moment...for me!

          Thank you for sharing.


          • Unsub


            glad I gave you a WOW moment. My work is done here! LOL!


          • Goldfinch60

            Wonderful write Unsub.

            That crown can now be polished clean and reflect the light in your life.

            • Unsub


              I'm not really a crown wearer; I'm happier as the Queen's personal executioner truth be told.


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