kevin browne

Lions and Tigers And Bears...

With windswept brushed up leaves
And nettles stinging as they please
Foxes furrage in bins for a baby cub
Whilst bears come out for honey tub.

Rabbits stop and stare in bright light
Badgers run streets beyond midnight
As morning rises up to clouds above
As summer Sun when it's time to love.

Breaking branches in late winter cold
Jackdaw never did what he was told
And a bitterness of last winters snow
Reindeer hoofs patter as we all know.

And down by the lake a Swan swims
And as dolphins play flexing their fins
Seashells washed up over this bouy
Where fisherman yell out ahoy ahoy.

Those fairies in the garden for pride
When ferrets run too quick and hide
With little red breast sat upon a nest
As hamsters lay in their home to rest.

With dogs on the lawn a cat scarpers
Hush little kitten we can feel whiskers
And in surroundings of the countryside
Just like those fairies who tend to hide.

New Forrest of green and wooden trees
With those nettles creeping up its knees
And when the Chaffinch came out to sing
Robins chirped with all the love they bring.

A woodpecker is now pecking at my door
With a little mice and cheese on the floor
And when the flowers grew up to bloom
To watch the Sun underneath the Moon.

Brambles and blackberries call in to taste
Whisk up some beauty for a sharp shape
And as the parrot began to flap its wings
It started asking what song it should sing.

Oh, of the ladybirds flirtatious brave flight
To its lover as it suddenly said goodnight
And as the owl swoops down for a mouse
The mole underground is making a house.

This love for animals we should all share
And a puppy dog tells how much it cares
Even for a baby elephant to care so much
The animal knigdom with its magic touch.

Canopies covered with an abundance of life
Singing from the treetops and finding a wife
With the humming bird hovering for honey
As the chimpanzee cashed in his money.

And as panda bear rolls down a path
The orangutang said let's have a laugh.
And at last we'll call in on the sloath
He's the cutest. but slower than most.

Now that the web has spun its spider
Creepies and crawlies now beside her
And as the great blue whale whales on
Before noticing that everyone has gone.

Be gentle, be humbled with innocence
For the eclipse of what the heart meant
Treating abilities from the tiger on show
Lions and tigers and bears should know.

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