From left to right

Up & down

Wrong & right

From pawn to crown

Black on white

Religion & warriors join to fight

A forced mistake

You move into



Royal blood hits chequered floor

Stealth & strategy befalls the fool

Black outwits the arrogant light

Darkness rules supreme

Game lost but war just begun

Another state forced

Into checkmate




First-move advantage

Ensures the domination

Of the planned outcome


Masters move with skill

An algebraic notion

With epaulette mate


Crushed by stronger minds

Fair play was never allowed

Rigged from the outset


Check-mated Haiku

Played by the hidden dark hands

Pulling puppets strings


© 2016 Unsub


  • orchidee

    How does a literal Castle move? Well, they call it a Rook too - is it a bird?!

    • Unsub


      we live in an illusionary world; nothing is real so yes a castle can move if it so wishes!


      • orchidee

        Fido is illusionary (imaginary) but he was the cause of some hoo-hah on here. Aww, why they not appreciate him?! lol.

      • myself and me

        It is rare to see you write a special formatted piece. The unique structure make the writing more special.

        • Unsub


          most of my lyrics are written to specific structural forms but this is positioned structurally rather than written so.

          Haiku's are strict formula 5-7-5 but I don't usually write them as I don't enjoy them so much.

          Thanks as always for dropping in.


        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD EVENING UNSUB ~ thanks for sharing another CHESS related set of Poems ! We like the LEFT to right format ~ suits the context ! Verses 1 & 2 are a concise & poetic description of the UPS & DOWNS & INS & OUTS of Chess - but inevitably a Cornered King = CHECKMATE We like an ENGLISH HAIKU (or SENRYU) to tell a STORY ~ preferably within the constraints of the formal 5 - 7 - 5 syllable format ~ that is the challenge ! Your four HAIKU are all *Aspects of Chess* and follow the criteria ~ excellent ! Thanks for sharing !

          Peace & Joy to YOU & YOURS
          Yours ANGELA & BRIAN

          • Unsub


            as you can see the opening line is from left to right so it made sense to position accordingly especially when the chess board is also positioned specifically.

            The haiku's are not my favourite format but these were written for fun & seemed to go well with the other two as an ending of sorts.

            Thanks for reading & commenting,


          • Goldfinch60

            Very clever write Unsub.


            • Unsub


              in the words of an ex-member - Checkmate 101!


            • sylviasearcher

              A very clever ‘piece’

              Me head got really busy as though the rules were changing and I I couldn’t keep up and I never even said I wanted to play... but so how once you’re in the game winning matters, unless you throw the pieces to the floor and say fuck you chess, I’m not playing.

              Do you know or reminds me of a quote which is related to a totally different issue. It is a book written a long time ago now by Clare Sainsbury about her childhood, having being diagnosed with autism in her 20s.

              Just for you:

              ‘Here is one of my most vivid memories of school: I am standing in a corner of the playground, as far away as possible from people who might bump into me or shout, gazing into the sky and absorbed in my own thoughts. I am eight or nine years old and have begun to realize that I am different in some nameless but all-pervasive way.
              I don’t understand the other children around me. They frighten and confuse me. They don’t want to talk about interesting things. I used to think that they were silly, but now I am beginning to understand that I am the one who is all wrong. I try so hard to do what I am told, but just when I think I am being most helpful and good, the teachers tell me off and I don’t know why. It’s as if everyone is playing some complicated game and I am the only one who hasn’t been told the rules. But no-one will admit that it’s a game or that there are rules, let alone explain them to me...
              I think that I might be an alien put on this planet by mistake; I hope that this is so, because it means that there might be other people out there in the universe like me. I dream that one day a spaceship will fall from the sky onto the tarmac in front of me, and the people who step out of the spaceship will tell me, “It’s all been a dreadful mistake. You were never meant to be here. We are your people and now we’ve come to take you home.”” (1, pp. 8-9)

              I don’t think I’m autistic but I feel this.

              • Unsub


                I have to say I feel like Clare. I've always felt alien in this world. I have embraced my differences to others & am happy being the solitary being inside.

                Great comment my dear friend.


                • sylviasearcher

                  You are welcome buddy, I’m a bit random and all over the place at the mo 🤨

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                • Laura


                  Let me begin by saying that you are a multi faceted individual.
                  With regard to this cleverly written piece, I can tell that ‘Chess’ is your game. Using chess as a metaphor to deliver your message makes perfect sense...from beginning to end.
                  You will no longer be taken advantage of. At a young age, you were just learning this “game”...metaphorically speaking. You’ve progressed from being taken advantage of ...’A forced mistake’...to being laser focused unto a victorious outcome by playing the “game” on your terms...not theirs. As in playing chess, you have learned to plan and strategize before going into battle. When the battle begins, you’ve creatively strategized on how to win the war.
                  At this stage of your life, you are disciplined and focused enough in knowing what you want. When the battle has begun, you are confident and resilient to know that you will win the war. It is you now who is pulling the ‘puppet strings’ and not vice versa!

                  I enjoyed reading and commenting on this brilliant piece of writing!

                  Regards as always...

                  • Unsub


                    oooh being multi-facteted would make me possibly a Diamond!! Really!

                    I've played chess since age 4 so it is a game I am passionate about. Carys won't play me anymore because she says I'm too competitive! Bah Humbug!

                    Love your take on how it fits with my life!

                    Thanks as always,


                    • Laura

                      How undiscerning of me!
                      You’re definitely not a stone! LOL
                      Let’s change that from multifaceted to multidimensional!

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