The paint is beginning to peel away from the years of sun scorching its surface

What was once a deep dark red has now long faded into a blemished pink

This used to be the place I could hide away & escape into my mind of screams

The walls have crumbled down & weeds are now growing between the beams


To avoid ridicule I would sneak into the building & write down my imaginations

Never wanted to share my words, I just needed to release the images from my head

Nobody could understand my obsession to fill my page; to them I was just an outsider

The hours I spent in the house writing amongst the web of shadows spun from a spider


The house is imaginary

It never existed; just alive in my mind

My friends were imaginary

They never breathed; they were false

I had to hide the truth; it was necessary


The house is imaginary

It wasn’t there; only alive in my head

My friends were imaginary

They never lived; they were fake

I had to disguise my truth; it was necessary


I never knew who I was or what I was supposed to be; so I played along; just pretend

Always awkward around people & never trusted a soul who showed any interest in me

I knew I was different; not one of the crowd so I ran away to the house where I could be alone

The house had been left to rot & decay; abandoned & derelict & it became my home


The truth I received & the images that fell before my eyes had never been as crystal as here

Poetry, stories & ramblings would pour from my soul in this tranquillity of corridors & doors

& now within the bars of my cell; where I am considered mad & a danger to other patients I stare

At the house in my mind watching the sun scorch the blemished paint leaving the wood beneath bare


I am only alive in my mind

Physical connection has long ago left me

They say I am deranged & locked me away

Like the house in my head; I am left to decay

Why do they hide me away

They say

It’s necessary


© 2019 Unsub


  • Laura


    You ARE a busy man.
    Almost every day you post one of your writings. You’re amazing! I just finished reading “Chess”! I don’t play the game very well, but I sense there’s a lot more inferred in your write than just playing chess. I’m going to reread it and comment on it!
    Then I’ll go on to the next two postings. I’m indoors today...too cold to do anything outside!

    Regards as always...


    • Unsub


      I have been on a roll with posting of late. Just enjoying myself.

      Chess has absolutely nothing to do with chess! Keep reading it & try to dig as deep as you can with it.

      Thanks as always,


      • Laura

        Yes, I definitely got that feeling that it’s of a very personal nature!
        I’m resuming my readings this morning while it’s all quiet. Sunrise is two hours away! Then the quietness and darkness ends and the hustle and bustle of the day begins

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      • sylviasearcher

        I love this one!

        Your words are on fire lately!

        I know that house and I want to set it on fire and light up the world in its glory and flame.

        Then they will see!

        • Unsub


          I am on fire at the moment; filled with images & words!

          By all means burn the house to the ground. From the ashes will rise more misery drenched poems!



          • sylviasearcher

            Oh it will!

            I can’t wait! 🤗

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          • myself and me

            Remind me of the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Those so called normal set the rules. It is necessary for them. Superb.

            • Unsub


              I do like the people known as “they”, they think they’re normal but there is no normal!

              Thanks for dropping in!


            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              BRIAN here ~ Good Evening UNSUB ~ Thank you for a very elegantly penned and challenging Poem. It is a subject one can relate to ~ so I have attempted an OBJECTIVE analysis !
              Vs 1 & 2 ~ To relieve our MINDS we all need a *Place to Escape* ~ some are real but most imaginary !
              We also need Friends (Vs 3 & 4) real & imaginary to release our demons ! The value of Imaginary Friends is that we can discourse with them any time & anywhere we happen to be ! Some talk to the Trees !
              V 5. We are all UNIQUE and evolve our own strategies to cope with the pressures & inncongruities of everyday life !
              V 6. In my experience (for myself & others) Poetry is very cathartic and keeps one sane !
              V 7. I know People who are acctually locked away ! Tha AUTHORITIES say it is for their own GOOD and to protect Society. Authorities are often mistaken & draconian ! We all need SPACE ~ we all need a PLATFORM. An interactive Poetry Site (like MPS) can provide such a Platform !
              I could easily have just said *NICE POEM* but to my mind one of the strengths of MPS is the opportunity to analyse & interpret. Please forgive me if I have taken the Poem too literally. I look forward to your comment

              Peace & Joy ~ Yours BRIAN.

              • Unsub


                Nice comment! Lol!

                Will respond in more detail later.



                • Unsub


                  no problem with you analysing this piece so deeply. I always look forward to constructive critique as it makes me a better poet.

                  This site is interactive & honest feedback should be allowed & wanted.

                  You've broken each stanza down pretty well; you'll never fully get into the head of a poet & know their true reasons for writing certain lines & words but you've done a good job here.

                  No forgiveness needed for your comment. Nothing here offensive.

                  Thanks for the time taken to read & evaluate my piece.

                  kind regards


                • Goldfinch60


                  I can really relate to your words as you may not be alone in that place, as Joyce's dementia could put her there as well.


                  • Unsub


                    Then we shall all meet there & put the world to rights!

                    Thanks as always


                  • orchidee

                    A fine write as a poem Unsub. I'm not really into analysing this genre.

                    • Unsub


                      Appreciate the visit & comment.


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