I don’t write from the heart with love

No time to waste on foolish emotions

I bleed words from a poisoned mind

Direct, harsh & ultimately unkind


I don’t paint a pretty tranquil scene

No time to spend on serene landscapes

I drip words from my forked tongue

Hunting you down; nowhere to run


You can stuff your clever words & pretentious critique

Just what is it you’re searching so deep between the lines for?

Dissecting & finding hidden meanings that aren’t really there

Don’t you understand; this ain’t no fucking metaphor


You can keep your inflated ego & five syllable words

Just what is the point that you are trying so hard to score?

Evaluating & concluding from meanings that just aren’t there

Don’t you understand; this ain’t no fucking metaphor


I don’t create a master-piece of art

No time for beauty & grace

I burn words from a flame-filled soul

Scolding embers to consume you whole


I don’t compose a melody or tune

No time for a harmony of sound

I scream words from an exposed throat

Hear my condescending voice; every note


Don’t need your guidance, support or insight

Don’t want your feedback, assistance or advice

Never asked you to open your mouth but you couldn’t keep it in

But now I have your attention; you know what you can do with your opinion

The ink had hardly dried upon my page before your first blow had struck

But now I have your attention; will you kindly shut the fuck up


© 2019 Unsub


  • orchidee

    You was writing from the heart with love the other day. I knows it. We caught ya! heehee.

    • Unsub


      I can spin different poetic plates when I have to.

      Something occured that required this one to be posted.

      I thought it was a loving piece; you should have seen the angry piece I was going to post!

      Thanks as always for dropping in & I know how you dislike this type of language so it is appreciated.


      • orchidee

        You marked it 18+ so it didn't start Fido barking! Well, the F word can be used where it fits in to poems, but if it's over-used it can just be laziness I think - not bothering to think of a different word.

      • sylviasearcher

        Aww and I thought you liked my weird comments...


        • Unsub


          I LOVE your weird comments; your head is where mine is at!


          • sylviasearcher

            You don’t want to admit to that lol

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          • Laura


            Interestingly enough I was thinking of the word metaphor as it relates to your poem “Chess” , and I saw this posting!
            Holy moly, this is some write! Just read it once! It seems someone has really angered you! I shall come back to read it again and try to figure out what the heck is going on!
            Now I’m going back to “Chess”!

            As always...


            • Unsub


              yes indeed Chess is a huge metaphor so I suppose it was only right I posted one called 'Metaphor'.

              It's just a 'get into the Xmas mood' kind of poem!

              There was a little trouble but you've missed it as i reported the villain & now their poem has been deleted probably by the owners. Good job; this place is starting to get back to normal & then trouble rears its ugly head again. I jumped on it very quickly.

              You go back to Chess.

              Thanks as always,


            • Alan .S. Jeeves

              Thisisafairwrite (5 syllables)

              nitimur in excelsis
              Ex animo, Alan

              • Unsub


                funnily enough this wasn't aimed at you. You can 5 syllable all the way home it doesn't bother me; it was somebody else that did!


                • Alan .S. Jeeves

                  I know you're a good guy Dan, that's why a bit of fun is so good. (All 1 syllable)

                  Ex animo, Alan

                • LAWLESS

                  My first thought, Fuck Yeah! Second thought, I think I need to send you some Seroquel. I’ll get busted if I try to send you some weed!

                  • LAWLESS

                    You can tell me to “shut the fuck up” anytime, I’ve grown accustomed to it! Others have thinner skin.

                    • Unsub


                      your first thought was a good one!

                      I'm happy to tell you when to shut the fuck up but not this time!


                    • myself and me

                      You asked so politely and nicely at the last sentence, even though with f word.

                      • Unsub


                        yes it was a tender moment of the poem! LOL!


                      • Goldfinch60


                        OK. LOL.

                        I won't mention hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia then as it is more than 5 syslables.


                        • Unsub


                          think that's about 9 syllables so you're quite safe!

                          Thanks my friend,


                        • ZIGGY

                          " I burn words from a flame - filled soul"

                          Hey there it's been a while but what a piece I need to learn this off, imagine the expression on someones face if you threw all this at them at once, read it a few times perfectly balanced rant right down your throat, would not like to be in the receiving end of this beauty, a pleasure as always bud,,,,, endastory

                          • Unsub


                            oh man! Where you been; you have been so missed on this site! Welcome back my poetic brother in arms!

                            I will try to remember this one & attempt to deliver it face to face to a particular person I have in mind!



                          • AlitaOpal

                            Jeez! Your forked tongue sure did get the attention.. That was dope! no apologies for it as it's art nonetheless.. Expression is Gods desire through man..

                            • Unsub


                              sometimes my forked-tongue gets attention. It does upset the MPS members here who crave attention & choose not to comment as it might make my piece have a few more comments than theirs!! Personally i don't count replies & when i do i reply rather than make a comment by accident in order to boost number of comments. Take a look around MPS to see who these individual(s) are! Childish little games.

                              Truly appreciate your visit my friend,


                              • AlitaOpal

                                I went through a process only to realise who I was in this game of chest. I don't judge you as I know exactly what you are perceiving. There's a shift happening as we speak and I realise that this is all a process.. A rebel till you realise who you are.. I love your work 🌹

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