Mortality Slain

Protracted across a cassum deep and wide
mankinds conquests since we lost favour
in the garden of Eden, what war or suffering
before we ate the low hanging forbidden fruit

What need for revenge before our minds
were unhinged by temptation through each
and every generation since this loss of
innocence that threw us towards ill feelings
and hatred for pityful reasonings

Greed and guilt a common deceitful lure
a trait unknown by the pityful poor who
all to commonly share the pittence that they
have got as they do not possess envey or pride

We seek, desire, possessions others want what
you have, ill gotten ways tightens the knot, no
longer happy with our given lot we seek to claim
and give it our name all for what, when in the end 

We're all mortality slain. 


  • Laura


    Wonderful to ‘see’ you, my friend!

    During these difficult and uncertain times, your poem, filled with truths and realities, has given us much to ponder upon!
    The temptation to delve into that ‘forbidden fruit’ has its consequences. As my parents would say, “Be happy and content with that which you have and don’t envy your neighbor. Imagine not having anything at all.”
    Your last line summarizes your poem’s message very well.
    “...when in the end,
    We’re all mortality slain.”




    Hi Laura thank you for the welcome what a great comment you got it summed up very well indeed, your really good at explaining a piece of work, kind regards and hope you have a great Xmas 🎄 x

    • Laura

      Thank you!
      The holiday season is a bit sad this year. My Mom passed away last month! 😔

    • ZIGGY

      O Laura I am so sorry for your loss, I know what you're going through I lost both parents 12 days apart

      • Laura

        I know you can relate and...
        I do appreciate your sentiments!
        Thank you my friend!

      • Unsub


        yet another masterpiece written in ziggish style, structure & execution.

        Can't begin to tell you how many awesome lines there are here in this one.

        I keep reading this & find new bits i somehow missed the first time around.

        This goes straight into favourites!

        Welcome back geezer!


        • ZIGGY

          Hey there so glad to get your comment thanks so much, glad you approve, ya I have been promoting my own poetry page on Facebook called ziggys poetry but I found another ziggy there called ziggy the poet so I am not the only one 😂 I will try and be here more often hope your keeping well need to catch up with you soon take care of yourself

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