Feverishly I loiter

Watching across translucent glass


Gripped by a remorseless fear

I stare as the sun fights a veil of grey

Tenebrous pain rages within

Fuelled by a canopy of flame drenched spears

The ocean deceives with its placid veneer

Like me

It masks a turbulent engine beneath

A vessel of grinding steel

Pumps with stubborn exertion

Eager to disperse upon a tear filled world

I force down the bile

Fighting ripples of cramp

Of disorientated concentric circles

Anxiety stabs my vitality

I wince

Staring blindly into an eclipsed sun

My vessel of time counts down

As warmth deserts this abraded heart


I rest confined in desolation

Savouring the wreckage of existence

& wallow

Craving to feel lunar incandescence

That it may stroke my weary face

Memories tossed

Upon the breakers jagged teeth

Eroding pebbles into pearls

Forming an arch of protruding lustre

My doubt

Longs for the iridescent moon to smile

Forcing my tide of wanting

Against my senses

As luke warm touches my hand

Consumed into the Leviathan

Swallowing into the storms' eye

A relentless & torrential pull

Submerges me into the void of home

My field of poppies, so long ago abandoned

Where warmth returns


© 2019 Unsub


  • Alan .S. Jeeves

    Now yer talkin' Dan. This is one of the finest I've had laid on me in a long time. This poem has it's own heartbeat, I love it.

    Goin' ter grab it for a fave before everyone else does!

    Ex animo, Alan

    • Unsub


      I know you like nature pieces so I am not surprised you enjoyed it. Thanks for the favourite too!




      Started to nod off reading this one. A bit of a pain in the Gulliver from yesterday to blame. Real horrorshow it was.

      Hope you find that “lunar incandescence” soon.

      • Unsub


        this a proper poets poem; so explains why you nearly nodded off. Will write a lesser poets poem just for you tomorrow.


        • LAWLESS


        • Goldfinch60


          Yet another wonderful write. With words like these I am sure that warmth will return and with that warmth the light will soon be behind it.
          Yet another of yours into my favourites - this is becoming a habit.


          • Unsub


            do you have any more room for Unsub's favourites. I thinik there should be a special page dedicated solely to me & my ago!


            Thanks my friend,


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