Natalie Heisey

white Russian


My favorite is a sweet white Russian drink

i love it so much

it helps me think

i try to drink it every chance that i get

cause i love the feel of Alcohol, seeping through my lips


i feel when im about to float in a cloud

an the rooms all just spinning around

takes away the emotions that i have

but i know my limits to quit

i just don't listen to what anybody says


ill pour anther then anther after that

ill keep pouring till i get every last drip

when i see my bottle is empty and dry

ill just stumble into my bed

scareming an shouting

hoping i don't wake up

with a pounding head

cause i never got any curable med's



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    a white Russian helps me forget whereas you use it to help you think. I must be doing something wrong! LOL!


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