Over-analytical psychosis,


epidemic of trapped minds; kill or be killed,



impaired focus,


intruded skies, whilst walking blindly through the shattered dreams of higher searching,


solace in violence, guided by the mishaps, governed by the lethal intellect's; school of drunken thoughtless,


castrated, ruptured beings; roam freely, fiendishly... salvaging villages of blood diamonds and riches, to ornament the silver linings of their inner findings; (breathing in; breathing out) death lust,


loosley bindings, tight nit embodiments, makes way for the fresh" rottenness, to trial one's growing suspicions; bile refermentation; building nations upon nations  ,


self inflicted-Armageddon,


maybe it's just a false burning flag, on the hungry-parched dying patriotic grass,


in strength of demise, the mental caging in, total incineration, augments immense paradise-like habituaitions, causing the genocide of cells of which vanishes in the memory of ones last experiential seeing,


time is man-made,


man is the machine,


know the sequence,


inside the metal box.


  • orchidee

    Ooh I shall have to return to this when having bit more time, and *finds out dictionary too* probably!

    • RiverJordan

      Thanks for the read

    • Unsub


      a poem to describe my day ahead!

      Some great one liners in this one.

      Can't express enough who perfect the final four lines are!

      It's worthy of being tattooed on the back of my hand!


      • RiverJordan

        Appreciate the feedbackšŸ‘

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