Alan .S. Jeeves

Rain and you (Sonnet No. 2)


(Sonnet No. 2)

From a Trilogy of Sonnets




Scattered rain clouds have given up their hail

They, slowly moving on to pastures new;

I, looking up skyward to watch them sail

Upon the drab, grey sky with hints of blue.


I wonder now if you're watching as well,

Spectating in awe, seeing what I see.

Then how would I know? no way I could tell

If you see the wondrous daylight with me.


The sun blooming bright, shines, dazzles the day;

It's warmth is spread about the greenery.

Dreams of you not so very far away,

You, in my mind, you'll be the scenery.


With sunshine daydreams and sunlight burning

Spin my thoughts forever ~ wildly turning.




  • orchidee

    A fine write again Alan.
    We had a hair-dresser/barbers called 'Trilogy'. The owner was a bit shifty - though he gave money away (we all dashed there!). But to charities. lol.

    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      Maybe he owned 3 salon's Steve or only had 3 hairs on his head. Sounds a generous man though.
      Is that an old saying 'Charity begins in the barber's shop'?

      Ex animo, Alan

      • orchidee

        Thanks Alan. lol. Generous, yes, but seemed a bit shifty too - doh! Yes, that well-known saying 'Charity begins....' as you say!

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Hi Alan - Angela Here - Thanks for Sonnet 2 - another perfect Sonnet ! Brian & I love the *Water Cycle* and any poem about the Rain is a fave of ours ! For US Rain is very evocative - and we love walking in the Woods in Essex in the Rain - we have no Hills ! When we are apart in Essex and I walk in the Rain with my MAMAS DOG - I feel the same weather as BRIAN. He is very green and even cycles to Work if the rain is light - Hes waterproof ! That is the essence of your lovely Sonnet - sharing the same weather when separated ! It was difficult last Christmas because it was the Middle of Summer in Auckland (80+ F) and Brian was freezing in Essex !

        Love & Joy in the Advent Season
        Angela & Brian ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก

        • Alan .S. Jeeves

          Hello Angela, I'm glad you called. Sunshine ALWAYS follows rain and your comments and understanding are so wonderful. If you were to read a poem by jackeggz 'Fall Leaves' and check out her profile (mayhaps you already have) you may see that sunshine always follows the storm when you read the next poem she posted 'Shine Bright'. I hope you do.

          Ex animo, Alan

        • Goldfinch60

          Another wonderful sonnet Alan.

          • Alan .S. Jeeves

            Thank you so much Andy

            Ex animo, Alan

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