You see I fell in love with this guy and I'm trying to understand why.
I think I fell for his disguise,
His eyes,
Apart of his lies and no I'm not perfect but I still tried.
I gave him my all,
I messed up that one time,
but after that I cut all ties.
Three years pass and I'm finding out that he was sleeping with my friend when I closed my eyes,
Now I feel like I died.
I'm numb,
I’m blind, and no not to reality I’m just having a hard time believing anyone is kind.
This guy blamed me for cheating when he was with my best friend right behind….
Man fuck you,
You don’t even have a clue.
Love is like the flu, and all I ever did was better myself for YOU!
For us,
Now when I hear your name all I want to do is cuss,
But I must.
I must not let this ruin me,
Just breath.
I know it's been six months but if you need to scream,
Its ok to be sad,
Its ok to feel dazzy,
But stop thinking that you are crazy!
You are a queen man don’t let these lame ass people ruin your dignity.
You know what you do,
You know you are cool,
So stop freaking out your basically adding fire to fuel.
They are fools,
You are brilliant,
so let's cut this chain reaction.
Better yourself,
You don’t need clarification,
And don’t give a reaction because that's their satisfaction.
You see?
Now get off your knees,
You are free,
it's time to stand up and be the boss that you are meant to be.

I know this is going to leave a scar,
But that shouldn’t stop you from shooting for the stars.
It's their loss,
Not yours.
Look in the mirror you no longer have to fear!
My dear,
Stand up and put on your gear,
Everything is in front of you
Crystal clear.
They will get their karma right now you need to steer,
Don’t worry about them,
2020 is your year!
You already built this new atmosphere,
So use it.
You need to commit because baby you are no longer a misfit.
You no longer have to worry about another tick!
Sucking your blood until you go dry,
Just stay to yourself,
Don’t even try.
You need to focus on you not some dumb ass guy!
It's time to say goodbye,
No more lies,
Don’t agonize,
It's time for you to stand up spread your wings and fly.

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