the little singing bird

today I walked a walk 
my mind felt foggy
so tired from the weirdness in my mind 
the boredom and frustration of my feelings 
so I tried to escape 
where else could I go 

I felt a empty strange pain circling within my skin 
my mind felt squidgy, flat and unhappy 
kind of trampled upon 
so I took a walk around houses 
the sky seemed dismal 
my attention more focused ono the lookout for birds 

I came upon a chirping and a singing 
walked towards the tune and stopped 
focused my eyes on the little bird in the treetop 
all alone , singing its song 
expressing naturally, or so it seemed 

a bird free to sing to the tune of its heart and personality 
she could be herself 
no constrictions or conditions 
as happy as can be 

she soothed the aspects of me that were hurting 
if only a little 
I felt like I was internally smiling 
at the little bird in the treetop 
with the softest soulful song 
drifting into my ears
my eyes intent on the music she emitted 
from her chirping lovely little beak 

I think I had been standing there several minutes 
before she finally flew away 
like a weightless feather drifting 
or a dancing dreamy star 
so beautiful 
im so thankful that birds exist 
without them, how would we feel ?


  • ron parrish aka wordman

    i used to sit in a near by forest in the summer and watch humming birds eat from a tree

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