Imagine waking up every morning with a nice breakfast and your choice of drink. Imagine not having to pack your own lunch, or wash your own clothes all done with a smile, followed with a wink.

Imagine having a right hand person supporting your every move, but also participating as your constructive guide.
I know others tried, but Imagine having someone love you so much they never leave your side.

Never let go, never afraid to show, imagine being so in love you forget about how you were so torn... Imagine love so strong it clears the storm, Imagine a love so strong it keeps you so warm. Never let go imagine someone you can call your own, fucks you like porn, but a love so genuine sex doesn't even matter anymore.

Perfect form, imperfect heart, Imagine having love right from the start. So sweet not so tart, love is art. Treated like a star, because that's what you are imagine having a love so strong no one, not a thing, can tare it apart.

Imagine having someone curv everyone in their way, imagine no cheating, imagine no fights. A beautiful site, imagine a lady who smile is so bright. Makes your day, helps you pray cause you been through so much you just need someone to stay and she will. Cause to her you could never fail .

In her eyes you are perfect, you are worth it, she just wants you to love her cause she deserves it. She doesn't care about your past because her's wasnt the best. This isn't s test so let your gaurd down you deserve the best.

Yeah she can be a mess but all she wants is love, imagine having someone so selfless. No one is perfect, she is probably one of the worst but she will always put you and her children first. Imagine a women who is going to be there even through the worst, don't search. This kind of love won't have to be rehearsed Imagine. Full attraction, no distraction, imagine a love made with magic.

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