Kevin Michael Bloor

my goddess

My goddess, we have lived and loved

while mean, malicious men have moaned,

all mad, morose and dour

up to this very hour.


O Venus, we kept on kissing

while cruel, cantankerous snakes kept hissing,

those fierce and fretting fathers

 with furrowed brows,

opposed to lovers and their sacred vows.


Sweet Aphrodite, with laughter we did linger

while sad and savage cynics scowled;

we sang sublimely like a single, fearless singer,

while wolves in wolf pits, at us, howled.


Olympus Star, daughter divine

 More wonderful than vintage wine

Your beauty is far brighter  

than all those weary-hearted hollow girls

who posed as peerless, pretty, priceless pearls.



  • Maxine Smith

    A lovely read.

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Thank you, Maxine. Glad you liked my little rhymes.😉

      • Maxine Smith

        I certainly did 😁

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