Blue, I’m soaring into you.

Losing my mind in you.

Reaching to the sky for you.

I see past your color.

Past the atmosphere.

Past the stars up there.

I’m almost there.

Shedding this life for you.

I have the ticket now.

Riding the bus to you.

Going home to you.

No thoughts left to think.

No emotions left to feel.

I’m stripped down and bare.

Blue, I’m going to you.

Leaving it all for you.

Finding my way to you.


  • Maxine Smith

    Wow, this is unbelievably powerful, so raw and emotional even.


      Thanks Maxine, good to see you back. I’ve been experimenting with Method Poetry, I sit down and write quickly what I’m feeling and thinking at that moment. Very little editing afterwards.

      • Maxine Smith

        Amazing what you’ve accomplished with little time, nicely done.

      • Unsub


        I’m waiting for you!


        • LAWLESS

          You haven’t turned blue yet brother, maybe grey from no sunshine!

        • queer-with-a-pen

          This feels very soothing. Like going away without it being permanent. I feel something akin to this when I am riding the third bus to get to the mountain, watching it get bigger and bigger against the sky. You have an incredible way with words.

          • LAWLESS

            I was letting my thoughts drift away while writing this one. A soothing daydream in a way, wondering where peace exists. It could be a place where there is nothing at all.

            Riding the bus to the mountain must help you find peacefulness. We all need to find that state of mind.

            Thanks for the encouraging comment.

          • Suresh

            Soar if you must, but don't feel blue, just be in the blue.
            Touching indeed.

            • LAWLESS

              No feeling blue, I’m looking forward to it. My wife thought I was writing only about the color.

              Someday “just be in the blue”. I think you got it.

            • Seek

              Thank you for making my poem "The Stamp" a favorite of yours. I thought I'd take time to read your latest work and I'm really impressed at the flow, the rhyme and the message, especially given the short time you dedicated to writing the poem. If read this correctly, you have overcome the fear of death and actually the idea of a life beyond the temporal. In a different way, this reminds me of a poem I wrote some time back entitled "Cosmic Cruise". Beautifully done LAWLESS!

              • LAWLESS

                Thank you kindly for your comment. I actually put a lot of thought into this one. I’ll think about the muse for a week or so, and then gear myself up for write. It’s a matter of getting into the proper state of mind. I’ve dubbed it “Method Poetry”. I’m finding it very hard to do. I used to take notes, but that only creates confusion in the final piece.

                • Seek

                  I imagine it's all part of one's growth into one's passion. In time the ideal method that suits your temperament will crystallize. In performing a labor of love, each step is savored with relish. Your work has great promise.

                • ZIGGY

                  " I'm almost there,",,,,,,, ziggy,

                  • LAWLESS

                    Happy trails.

                    Thanks for the bus stop.

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