Jeffrey Roy

Kathy - I'm sorry

I'm terribly sorry for all I've done

I've put you through hell and it needs to succumb

I've been hateful and I've been mean

I've hurt you before that cant be undone

My anger overwhelms me and I wanna scream

I'm not happy with myself as it seems

I have anxiety issues I wish u could see

That this is not the real loving and caring me 

I feel bad when I've done you wrong

The pain bothers me for days to come 

I miss you when your away 

I only wish ya would stay 

I long just to love you like I should 

I sometimes get to feeling lonely and blue

I yearn to just to hug and hold you

I've cried and cried and dont know what to do

I'm so jealous and wanna be calm just like you

I'm proud to always say your my loving wife

You have given me a chance that I'm about to blow

I hope you believe for this is what I know

This isn't a poem for me just to accuse

Nor is it for just a bunch of excuses 

I cant see myself without you by my side

I can't pretend to be all well and let it ride 

I would rather be dead as to see you go

The pain is real that I portray and show

I could never love again the way I love you

Please forgive me and help me as I love only you

I write poetry as an outlet and say how I feel

I hope you know I'm being 100 percent real

I'll change for us as I want you to see 

I'm forever in love with you cant you see

                                                                                Love Jeff 


  • Maxine Smith

    A poem written truly from the heart.
    The breakdown of your marriage is one of the post painful things, I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
    Thank you for sharing.

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