Kurt Cobain

I was 24 when Kurt cobain died
He was my musical hero I idolised
I had a ticket to see the band play
Sadly it was the same day of his
Suicide, the King of grunge on a
Downward spiral from the top of
His fame, drugs sex and rock and
Roll yes another but out on his own

Running away from addiction his death
In hindsight was an easy prediction he
Said he was withdrawn and antisocial
But his fans were left numb by his death

Drawn to the darkness of seattle, loud angry
And caotic, the Marco polo motel room 226
Was the place to get his fix, but nevermind
In the final few days he seen his way out

Our King of grunge shot himself in a green
House, that was his way south troubled but
Frogiven, at the age of 27 he joined the golden
Age of those who gave it all, idolised eternaly.


  • Unsub


    Great tribute my friend. Never knew he was your idol! I have everything they released & yet haven’t played for some time. This afternoon I’m setting my stereo as I’m moving my stuff into Carys house today so I will play Nirvana once it’s set up!!

    Least you have one idol still alive! That awesome musical artist from Systema Synthetica!!

    Have a great New Year my friend!



    Cheers bud watched a documentary last night and came up with this, ya I heard your song, Comment left


    Thanks for the blast from the past (no pun intended). Kurt was born ten days after me and influenced me greatly. I never saw him live because I was poor. I wouldn’t even go to shows over $20.

    Good to see your words here again. Hopefully we can go back to having a friendly site, excluding Danny Boy and I. Assholism is a difficult illness to cure!

    • ZIGGY

      Hi there how are you doing, I am back because of your Comment on a previous post sort of asking me to so thanks for that and for your kind comment on this post I don't get many comments here so my interest wained to be honest, will read your posts soon take care of yourself

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