Ink in my veins

Pen in my hands
Ink in my veins
Writing on blank sheets
Telling you my pains

Show you my heart
Revealing my scars
Preaching my soul
Above to stars

Innocence no longer
Hatred never more
Eternal love within
This I swore

Brave fallen warrior
Upon the battlefield
Gods taking pity
Raising his shield

Long cruel war
Lasting thirteen years
Raw blood spilled
Revealed within tears

Tiredness in his soul
Ache in his chest
Victory has been achieved
By Gods 'tis blessed

The sun shines again
The rivers run course
Shiny tears run down
To cleanse all remorse

Dropping his shield
Removing his vest
Falling on soil
Passing life's test

Tears run once more
By different reason shown
The sun shines again
Revealing his heavenly throne

The war is over
A warrior no more
One rare smile shown
Releasing his roar


  • Jane Frye

    Beautiful and powerful. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Agiel

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

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