Impeach we beseech

Impeach this loot minded carnivore

We beseech and implore 

This worm and leech bleeding us dry

Worming its way in sneakily with each lie 

Eating a hole through everything 

And gutting our daily bread

Allegiance to him 

keeps only those who gorge well fed 

The rest of us have fully stepped in it

Slipping in excrement

Allowing our constitutional integrity

 To fall through his trapdoor

Our people and democracy 

can’t take anymore

This  cheater mime of a leader

Is an open door

Of plutocracy and hypocrisy 

Trumping the rich and fooling the poor

Into believing once more 

it’s the other to hate

That takes the food off of their plate 

Economy for all he built like a brick wall

Looming tall on the corporate floor

Equality and Legitimacy are in retreat

And tottering on cracks in the bench 

While indiscriminately vacating it’s just seat

Playing a game of musical chair

Instead of legislating what’s clearly fair 

Governance by the people has taken a fall

Clearly sinking down low in a muddied  trench

Dug deep like servitude 

 With back breaking rock hands

Power we sweated and loaned

 is now lord and master power owned 

With eyes and hearts wide open we must see 

our impoverished neighbor as family

Know that our government should be

A just and open humane reality 

We must now together vote

By mutual understanding to demote 

All who leech away our governmental trust 

And weaken and divide us

Make your vote be a trumpet to unseat 

And send all those who cheat 

To take or manipulate your individual choice

With bags not packed in defeat 

It’s up to all of us to link our hands and voice 

Let democracy win 



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