Theta the scholar

Sister of the orchids

A flower with legs 

Ecstatic - feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement

She has ignored the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” 



  • I met a flower young and short but taller than a shrub 


Kind and filled to the brim with energy one would think she would blow up 


  • Some of her stems are folded but that doesn’t stop her 


From being happy and blooming further 


  • The world is her oyster so she happily takes advantage


SO she asks so many questions her brain kept up and somehow managed 


  • The flower is playful and childish I've come to learn 


She is at times lost in her thoughts and at times obscure 


  • She is a handful at times when she pokes inside my head


But it doesn’t bother me for I have made a friend 



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