Loved to Hate

Rare it is to be hated yet loved
The lovable asshole
Hate everything about them
However they still have a seat at the table
The heart they carry, cold
Those hugs though, warm as fuck
Brave enough to speak their name in a group
Yet hesitation seeps in when alone with them
The honesty they carry on their shoulders
Truth whistled through their teeth
Hated because they don't play around
Showing the world they aren't in line
Never caring who's hurt or fine
Deserving of peace
Yet destructive in reality
Distance is fair
The time alone is there
However they can be kind...
Kind of out of the mind
Nowhere near insane
Yet not one to gain
Stabbed in the back with kindness
Defensive with forgiveness
Given the spoon yet told to feed the hungry
Pulled away from the trouble yet told to walk through fire
Hides the desire

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