Dying Flame

Demoralizing comfort
Aching regret
Softly laying out the problems of the past
Shaded determination
Unforgiven justification spelled out under me
Hunting blindly for a taste of peace
Always defensive
Undoubtably upset
Losing the best I wish to get
Dying with every foolish regret
Unapproachable sanity
Unlovable heart
Greatly reduced to a nobody
Better off in the dark
One last breeze
One last drop
Endless warnings of pain in every tease
Yet still warm
Just barely warm enough to stop
Realizing I'm completely out
Slowly pushing out the doubt
Freely believing I've become new
Yet sunken in hope well overdue
Daylight for the comforting
Darkness for the wondering
Lost without the light
Reasons of stress so tight
Note this:
Live like you know the roads battle ahead of you, and all that before you will only fear your steps forward. In the light, we share comfort. Yet many keep close to their own in the dark.
Don't choose the dying flame that chooses to die, unless you have the intention of camping out for awhile.

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