Maxine Smith

Guess who

I’m fluffy and small
Act like I’m ten feet tall
A cold and runny nose
A tale that follows where I go
Il curl up at your feet
The best friend you’l ever meet
Guess who
Then leave a verse to guess you

My 'watchdog' Fido?
Though all imaginary!
But he'll bark furiously
If them poets write an 18+ poem
And forget to tick the 18+ box!
Ohh, he's a pest to some
And he won't allow much 'excitement'
Only to save me from swooning
I'm sure you'll understand
But he's a marvel
A talking, reading, dog ya know
Says Orchidee! lol.

I am like a sun light, right after dawn
I come to you when every one else is gone
I am on your mind, We both are intertwined
With me you have the inner strength, to see it till the end.
Guess who?

I see you when you see me.
I have a crown, but I still like to sweep
There are some like me,
that wake you up when you sleep.
Then there are some,
that don't make a peep.
I keep in line all the time.
Sometimes I have to go back,
when I am kicked up a notch.
guess who I am.
I am a watch.

I happen to be the belle of letters - twenty six
at last count and offer countless opportunities to fix
broken hearts, though more often than not bollix
for august persons (whether born in january,
february, march, april...) to render verbal quicks
sod duck, nonetheless serious, no not just for kix
spoken and/or written sentiments to forge mix
chore of omnipotent bonds - devoid of politics
that survive the test of time, perhaps to affix
as cherished and treasured figurative badge
accessed to serve as balm for metaphorical
house made of phonetic bricks
linkedin within thine being
psyche until death doth me part.
Nsync with crafting golden nuggets more so I try
to savor precious affirmations directed from/to
one astute, destitute, not mute though quiet guy,
who esteems and values heartfelt than any dry
or wet commodity money can buy.

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