A Day With The Flowers

As we sit here together

In a field of purple lilac flowers

Smelling the refreshing scent

Resembling ever lasting youth

The lilac field is a wonderful sight

to view

With their scent filling our lungs in

random abandon

As the scent surrounds us

We take in the liveliness we feel

We wonder and ponder around before

we lie down

Lying in the field next to the streams

of beautiful crystal clear water flowing

in the middle of all the lilacs like a


Our eyes close in unity

The flowers rustle in the wind

They symbolize the life and youth

within us

And in old age makes a man

As we lay in the field of purple lilac

flowers we rest our eyes while we

slowly dose off into a deep sleep


  • ron parrish aka wordman

    total tranquility

  • dusk arising

    As we enter our senior years we begin to perceive the world and it's beauty differently, taking time to appreciate that which we took for granted.
    I suppose it is like falling in love with the natural world and yes... its very comforting to lay down in the countryside, alone with mother nature, and let the world outside our immediate senses drift away as we ourselves drift into sleep.

    You captured it.

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