Balmy january fourth two thousand twenty

I ran than jumped high

into the upper atmosphere

like a young frisky

buck naked and bare

no matter weight of world

and personal woes oppressive,

yours truly shrugged,

(she loves you yea... yea... yea...

think Atlas) "faking" without care

free, able, ready, and

willing to dare

daubing metrical feet into stream

of consciousness (think)

metaphorical earthenware

placid figurative smooth as glassware

reflecting mine mien

mean disheveled hare

reed state of body,

mind and spirit long

acclimated, accompanied,

and accustomed

with mental, physical,

and spiritual malfunctions

ever since birth,

(or even in utero), where

biological mutations did interfere

easily availing self

as token "scapegoat

school kids did taunt and jeer

futilely screeching nonetheless

targeted and doomed killdeer

lamely seeking safety, albeit laughable

pencil necked geek longhair

donned as outdated "hippie"

lame excuse for cheesy mouseketeer

every day of younglife (mine) wanted

me "mommy dearest" near,

cuz yours truly

felt like kin outlier


one lonely human

being within alienation

forever seeking salvation

courtesy wing and prayer

ill fitting analogous to round hole

raised to accept unconventional

credo, gospel (according

to Matthew) mores as quare

figurative peg thus revere

ring boyhood, because

growing up scare

re: especially as

undersized withdrawn tear

huff eyed little lad.


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