Chanel T.

Opened Up.

Opened up.

I finally aloud myself to semi open up to you.

I finally aloud myself to release the tension, the sadness, and the anger that came with the thought of you.

I finally aloud myself to accept that I can’t always have what’s in front of me...even if it’s right in front of my face.

I finally aloud myself to cry, wonder, and tell you what was on my mind.

Hearing how you felt was a wake up call. You have your own life you’re trying to figure out right now. You have your own dreams you’re trying to make a reality.

With all this information you put in my mind....I still can only think of your presence, your touch, your caring loving heart...and your gentleness when you comes to me.

You’re a gift in my eyes, and I pray you will be able to make your way back to me when it’s all set and done.

But as in for now...I too must focus on my dreams...and goals to better myself as well.

It’s just the thought of you forgetting
about me or moving on that scares


  • Maxine Smith

    Focus on your dreams and you shall achieve.
    Great read.

    • Chanel T.

      Thank you so much

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