True Love Never to be


I just don’t want to be alone

When I’m by myself

Nver had a more somber tone


The need for someone to care

The true love never found

Wanting someone to be there


Feelings of distraught sadness

Being told I’ll be fine

Needing to rid of the madness


My mind, soul, and heart

All in eternal pain

Within a war that I didn’t start


I’m too broken to be wanted

Needing to feel loved

I’m found but only to be snubbed


Many people know my name

Few of which are friends

I just play within their stupid game


I can see who they all are

Just pretend to be the same

None of them to be a shining star


Only the few true stay by my side

Never a thought  to stray

But not even them know the demons inside


I trust no one in this world

Always been betrayed

No one has ever stayed


To find one as broken as I

Or someone willing to fix

Only alone destined am I


  • dusk arising

    Good stuff but.... This deserves to be more than one poem because it covers quite a few aspects.
    From my experience shorter, single subject poems can be more punchy and deliver the message more effectively.
    Food for though?

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