Nick’s Quote

Life is easy to throw away if you haven’t lived it.


  • dusk arising

    That just says so much. But you cannot place an older wiser head upon young shoulders.


      Thanks for commenting. I believe wisdom can come at any age.

    • orchidee

      A true write L. Some want a fix or a high, then it becomes addiction.
      Me and me GP Dudes are living it up! We're all in bed by, oohh, 7.30pm though!

      • LAWLESS

        Thanks O for commenting.

      • Michael Edwards

        Spot on - you can't throw away what you've never had - only opportunities.

        • LAWLESS

          I was flabbergasted at his statement. I’m very proud of the direction he is taking in life.

          Thanks for commenting.

        • Goldfinch60

          Wise words on a young head, may your son remember them and live his life to the full.

          • LAWLESS

            He is an extraordinary young man, with many possibilities ahead of him.

            Thanks G. for visiting.

          • ZIGGY

            Hi, one of the most difficult things to do I find when writing is to say alot with fewer words, and you have displayed that with this post, I agree with your point,,, zigs

            • LAWLESS

              The words are his. I’ve shared one of his poems earlier, and also a co-write. I have no idea where he gets his intelligence, my wife and I dumbfounded by his brilliance.

              Thanks for popping in.

            • Seek

              You must be proud of your son to come up with a truism of such weight.

              • LAWLESS

                Thanks Seek, much appreciated. He’s my best bud, pride doesn’t begin to describe my feelings for him.

                The “weight” of this statement really sent me reeling. I had to ask him to repeat it several times.

              • Fay Slimm

                How wise your son's conclusion on life is - just a few words sum up a real truth - - this saying should be in print.

                • LAWLESS

                  Oh dear Fay, Nick read your comment, and his face lit up. As I mentioned, your poem “Littleness” is his favorite. Your comment is as special as you are.

                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  words of wisdom

                • Unsub


                  a insightful quote. I guess the problem is knowing when you think you've lived life enough.

                  Many young people find suicide as a way out as pressures of their lives become so intense.

                  Life is too complex these days.

                  Nick sounds grounded if he believes in his quote. I wish him a fully lived & long life & never considers throwing it away.

                  A nod to you both!


                  • LAWLESS

                    Thanks Dan for the great comment.

                    To live with optimism is very difficult in this day & age. Nick and I are making many plans for the future, things to look forward to. He is doing much better now and I know he takes this quote very seriously.

                    Hope all is well on your end. I’m looking forward to making dumb-ass comments on your future posts!

                  • Zuzanna Musial

                    So very true - And I love your quote..Thank you much for the thought so real.
                    Compliments to your son...Zuzanna

                    • LAWLESS

                      It’s a great quote by my son. More young people need to live their lives with optimism about their future, no matter how awful the world seems.

                      I appreciate the visit.

                      • Zuzanna Musial

                        Oh, your words are so TRUE! - The quote by your son is wonderful and true!
                        They should look toward the sun and enjoy their youth no matter the circumstances.
                        We have one life only, therefore it is only right to live the best we can.

                        Thank you for the wise reply...Zuzanna

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