Gary Edward Geraci

Old Black Lucy

Together we age,

Impeded, same gaits,

Some gates closed: stiffness,

Laborious pain.


We’re lumbering, now

So careful to step,

To balance then move.


You old black Lucy,

Remembered you’ll be,

In the new newness


Of the Heavens above,

A new Earth to come.

Oh old black Lucy,

The old earth our friend.


Man’s friend, friend to me,

Your mantle’s fulfilled.

Unconscious of conscience

Afterlife it’s true,


You’re of God whom is

All good, creates all

That is good; here and

Now and forevermore.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    I can't imagine such a beautiful creature being outside of Heaven. We know there's more to just outward beauty, relating to humans and salvation. I won't get in for being a blue-eyed-boy, for example!

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Thanks Orchidee - I too believe that the inhabitants of Heaven (I hope you and I are on the list my friend - God knows we’re trying to correspond to His grace) will continue to experience a variety of God’s creatures including dogs. And after the resurrection of our physical bodies, now glorified, blue-eyes too.

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